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What is Challure - For the Curly & Coily?

Being the daughter of a Dominican-immigrant hairstylist, I am no stranger to the famous Dominican blowout — a traditional method of straightening hair. I was probably four years old when I got my first blowout and maybe ten when I received my first relaxer to make my hair more “manageable”. Long, sleek straight hair was the perception of beauty in our culture and anything else was coined as “pelo malo” (bad hair), and unfortunately for many this is still their reality.

In pursuit of self-love, I began seeking the roots of my heritage — and embracing my natural hair was the first step to cultivate that. As my natural hair grew in, I was tasked with finding out the best way to care and style my 3C curls & coils. And, whew! What a struggle. I bought all of the natural curly products I could find, but nothing ever detangled or defined my curls as good or as quickly as a flat-iron used to once straighten my hair.

Ever since, I dreamt of creating my own curly hair products that met the needs of curly-haired girls (and guys!) like me. Years later, I formulated a leave in conditioner that nourishes, moisturizes, imparts shine, promotes growth, defines, tames frizz, detangles (you name it!) — everything I was once looking for now all in ONE product. 

Representing Challure, is the hibiscus flower. The hibiscus flower comes in a wide array of colors and symbolizes the perfect woman, reminiscent of every curly-haired person and the diversity in our curls. Natural, curly hair is beautiful and I hope that when you use Challure you love it and feel closer to your roots just as much as I do. 

With love, 

Charleny Escalante 🌺

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