Challure was founded to answer the age-old question – “What’s the best way to rock my curls?” 

Born with a brain covered by 3C curls, but too permed to tell – Challure aims to provide you with premium haircare products that enhance your natural, curly hair or curls-to-be. We make products that soak you in self-love and coat you in confidence. We want you to love every twist, turn, and loop that grows towards the sun or that falls onto your pretty face. 

We focus on one thing – making your curls pop. This pushes us to constantly research, experiment, and develop haircare products that are curl and coil friendly. We take great pride in using the best natural ingredients and compounds that leave your hair looking healthy and vibrant. As natural hair advocates, we infuse every ounce of passion into our products so that you can love your hair just as much as we do.


Provide naturalistas with premium haircare products that maintain, invigorate, and unravel the beauty entwined in their curly hair.


Our vision is to pioneer the future of natural curl-care by using high quality ingredients, educating our customers, and demand the inclusivity of natural hair, everywhere.


Provide the Best: We’re dedicated to innovating, reinventing, improving every facet of our business. From the ingredients in our products to how we deliver them to you.

Proudly Natural: From natural ingredients to natural hair, we embrace the beauty and benefits of using organic elements and being naturally you.

Pride in Passion: We’re passionate about everything related to haircare. We encourage our customers to love their hair with the same enthusiasm.

Fearless Leadership: We unapologetically set the trend for the future of embracing curly hair – giving our Charms the confidence to rock it proudly.

Unbroken Reliability: We provide products that customers will always trust when expecting exceptional results.