Pink Detangling Brush

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How does it work its charm?

Effortlessly detangles curls & coils! Its curved and hollow body along with its 8 rows of flexible moving arms adapts to the unique shape of your curls & coils to cut detangling time by more than half, remove knots and tangles, and reduce breakage by minimizing snagging & pulling; perfect for our tender-headed Charms!

How do I use it?

In or out the shower — wet your hair with water and moisturize with your favorite conditioner, preferably our Hibiscus Petals + Chamomile Leave-in Conditioner. Section hair, remove detachable bracket from brush, and begin detangling from the ends to the roots. At each tangle and/or knot, detangle vertically and work your way up until you can glide through your curls from root to ends. Repeat until hair is completely tangle-free then smooth and define your curls horizontally.

What else?

  • Easily detangles all curly patterns, especially 3A-4C
  • For the perfect duo, use with our Hibiscus Petals + Chamomile Leave-in Conditioner to reduce the level of frizz and keep your curls defined
  • Eight rows of flexible moving comb arms that prevent pulling while detangling
  • Can be used as a scalp massager thanks to its curved and hollow frame
  • Detachable bracket for fixing and stretching of the comb arms
  • Ergonomic rubber handle for a comfortable, anti-slip detangling experience
  • Pink color with white Challure logo
  • Durable, lightweight, and easy to clean
Product Size: 9.75" length, 2.125" width, 3" bracket

    Waterproof rubber brush with plastic comb teeth and eight rows of flexible moving comb arms that prevent pulling while detangling.