Announcing: Challure's Hibiscus Petals + Chamomile Moisturizing Leave-in

It seems like everyday there’s a new haircare product claiming to quench our curls and revitalize our hair, but few live up to these bold claims. As every curly charm knows, finding that perfect product to soothe your fickle curls and coils can be difficult if not almost impossible.

Keeping curly hair healthy and finding the best products for styling, washing and maintaining is definitely a challenge for most naturalistas. Not to mention curly and coily hair is more prone to breakage, frizz and dryness making it even more difficult to care for. We’ve all wondered what the solution is and asked ourselves “what will really get my curls poppin’?”

The answer comes from an established curly and coily hair expert. As someone who has natural hair, Charleny has dedicated her years creating a haircare brand and introducing a formula that will change the health of any curl. After seeing lackluster results from so many different products and growing increasingly frustrated with the products on the market, Charleny decided to act and Challure was born.

Challure is a passion project inspired by Charleny’s experience with natural hair and her desire to provide premium haircare products to naturalistas everywhere. Challure has recently launched a hibiscus petal + chamomile leave-in conditioner that will leave your curls feeling soft, hydrated and refreshed.

For curly and coily charms looking for a little help – Challure has got you covered! The hibiscus petal + chamomile leave-in conditioner is effective for a variety of hair types and textures, allowing naturalistas in all ranges to get the premium curl-care they truly need. This product only uses natural ingredients meaning that your curls won’t be damaged by harsh ingredients like sulfates, silicones and parabens. Put your curls first and switch to natural products that promote the health of your hair by helping it grow longer, stronger and frizz less.

How will you rock your curls with Challure’s hibiscus petal + chamomile leave-in landing on December 29th, 2020?

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    Heard of this product through a friend and had to give it a shot. First thing I noticed was how good it smelled 😍😍. I have 3A curls that I was bleaching and coloring regularly. My hair is also on the thin side so I’m picky about the leave ins I use because my hair weighs down easily. What I love about this product is that it left my curls feeling hydrated without weighing them down, so i see this product easily becoming a staple in my curl routine.
    I’m big on product process and people. Product is amazing. Process is dope (vegan and sulfate free). The cherry on top is that the people behind the brand are amazing. From what I understand the creator is a fellow nyc native and latina! So I know she understands the curly hair struggle. Can’t wait to see what else this company rolls out with in the future.

    Posted by Stephanie B | January 06, 2021
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    I regularly bleach and color my 3C curls so it’s usually on the drier side however this leave-in has transformed my hair over the last few days. I’ve been using it religiously at night and my curls now spring into action with a tiny spritz of water in the morning and I don’t have to re manipulate each curl anymore. It does a fantastic job at locking in moisture and it mixes really well with curl gel unlike other products that create flaking. It also smells delicious but isn’t overbearing which is a God send for my sensitive nose & allergies. I am truly impressed with this formula and super excited for the rest of the line. Thank you Challlure!

    Posted by Sophia | January 01, 2021
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